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We Build Annual funds

A successful, process-driven system, built by fundraisers, to identify donor prospects that care about your mission. Build financial support through new and sustained giving.


With our GivingPoint.| DONOR EVOLUTION service packages, your organization is no longer left to wonder what donor acquisition and retention tools are working. Our digital strategies use advanced analytics to assess all aspects or your strategy, allowing you to invest more time and resources into what works. Choose to enter a new era of donor acquisition and retention. GivingPoint – DONOR EVOLUTION.

Customized Solutions for your Organization

Direct Mail
Direct Mail

Direct mail continues to be an effective strategy in non-profit fundraising, even with advances in digital marketing.

Digital Marketing
Digital Advertising

See donor prospects convert to gifts with impactful digital messaging.

Online Payments
Donation Forms & Payments
Go with a leader in secure payment technology and charitable donation processing powered by iATS Payments.

With a full suite of fundraising services and strategies, 3 Run Single Media is the right choice to improve your bottom line.

  • Assess

    A Brief development audit allows us to learn more about your Annual Fundraising operations and benchmarks.

  • Strategize

    Together, we choose a service best for your organization’s size and fundraising goals. 

  • Implement

    Your strategy moves forward in concert: creative, messaging, mailings, and digital.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. We have a simple, 3-step process to get your organization up and running with GivingPoint. | DONOR EVOLUTION service plans.

we Specialize in these Service Areas

We succeed most often in these critical components of the non-profit industry.



Experience and understanding across the healthcare continuum.



Nurturing donors' desire to support the next generation.



Human Services

Bringing forth donors' benevolence towards their fellow man.


Special Projects

Building financial capacity for capital projects and programming.

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